Poptropica Land Revealed

Kids can create, destroy and rebuild at will whatever their imaginations can dream with Poptropica Land, started today from the popular virtual world for children Poptropica,. Developed in response to requests from children, Poptropica Land enables Members to “change the world” by inventing their very own Islands.

In Poptropica Land, players find a mystical tool, spoken of in Early Norse legend, which grants them unbelievable power over the world around them – the power to explore, the power to create and the power to destroy.

Last February, Poptropica Members were invited to participate in the first Poptropica Laboratories experiment – a notion for testing new characteristics with players – to evaluate the Poptropica Land model. Members rose to the occasion, crafting Islands that could be inhabited by everything from space creatures to dragons, and discussing their experiences, which were used to develop the “alpha, version 2” of the product.

“Children adore Poptropica Islands, but they also want to invent their own virtual worlds and narratives, and now they can,” said Jordan Leary, game designer and programmer for Poptropica, who leads the effort to create Poptropica Land. “Using feedback from thousands of Poptropica Members, we were able to present a new experience that places the power of creation, and of storytelling, in the hands of our players.”

Parents can buy Poptropica Membership because of their kids for less than $4 per month -, three- or six-month recurring increments. Membership gives access to players to access to photos demonstrating accomplishments in Island quests, and the just published Poptropica Land, Early Use of new Islands, use of costumes and special powers in the Poptropica Shop, the capacity to save costumes to your personal cupboard.

The launch of today is just the start for Poptropica Acreage. New features will be added in the foreseeable future, enabling even more opportunity for imagination and building narratives.

Hundreds of countless kids and Poptropica since its launching have seen nearly 7 years ago, and the number grows every day. Poptropica players have their web browsers place to over 100 distinct languages and come from territories and more than 200 different countries.

Children can remain current on news about upcoming new Islands and other exciting developments within the world on the official Poptropica site.

Poptropica is a virtual world in which kids investigate and play in complete security. Every month, millions of children from around the world educated and are amused by Poptropica’s engaging quests, narratives and games.

Children create a “Poptropican” character to travel the many Islands of Poptropica and use gaming literacy to enjoy a narrative that’s often rooted in factual history. Problem-solving abilities are honed as kids solve enigmas distinctive to each Island and discover.

There are always new places to investigate in this ever-enlarging world where things can be collected by children, read digital books and comics, compete in head-to-head competition and watch movies. Parents are always able to trust that their kids are playing – and learning – in a safe environment that is cellular and on-line.


Poptropica Counterfeit Island Guide

Poptropica Counterfeit Island is your tenth island grand adventure in the game. It launched in early access mode in late Dec, 2009 and became openly offered in January. In this encounter, you must reveal the thriller in regards to a piece of stolen fine art in the Counterfeit Island art gallery. The island is very mysterious and anyone could be a suspect as you try to figure out what’s going on. This is a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire quest with all the cheats for Counterfeit Island.

First Steps on the Island

The first thing to do is to use the Poptropica map to travel to Counterfeit Island. Your balloon will park right next to the art museum on the island. Your first stop should be Downtown. Start out walking right and observe the signs. When you arrive, the first store you’ll see is called Bobo’s Clown Store. Go inside. You’ll see plenty of balloons, all in different colors, around the store. Select a green balloon and then walk outside the store.

Now we’re off to the country side. Proceed to the right and run to the end of the area to go there. There’s a weeping boy here with his mommy (or sister?). The boy really is distressed about a problem. He will stop crying if he gets a green balloon. Luckily, you’ve got one so click on him to give it up. When he tales it fom you, he’ll lift up into the sky. Poor little dude! You don’t need to try to save him, though. You need to head back to Main Street now, which is two zones over to the left. When you arrive at Main Street, go inside the Web Browser Internet Cafe. There’s a guy who looks like a tourist and has a hat and camera. Go up to him and talk to him. He’ll tell you that he lost his tunnel tour tickets and that if you can find them, he’ll give you one. While you’re here be sure to look at the TV behind you. You’ll see balloon boy flying way up high in the sky. He’s on the news! Now walk outside and run to the right to go Downtown.

Look for a garbage can that is right next to the entrance of the Tunnel Tour. Click on the garbage can to peek inside and see all of the garbage. Exciting! You can rearrange the garbage pieces by clicking on them and dragging them. Try to move them all away from the center of the can. Soon, you’ll reveal the lost tickets that are buried inside. Click on the tickets and they’ll go into your backpack.

OK, now run back to Main Street and enter the Web Browser Internet Cafe again. Go inside and stand next to the man who lost the tickets. Open up your backpack and find the tickets and then click on “Use”. The guy will thank you for finding them and just as he promised, he’ll give one back to you so that you can use it to take the underground tunnel tour.


OK, head back Downtown and go to the entrance to the underground tunnel tour. You will see a woman with a green hat standing right in front of the entrance. While you are standing near her, open your backpack and find the ticket. Click on the “Use” button on the ticket Next, click on the gate behind you to start the tour.

Just keep moving along the single pathway in the tunnel tour. At the very bottom of the tunnel, there is a lightbulb hanging down in the center. It’s attached to a long cable. Jump onto the cable and then climb up until you get to the very top. You’ll see a torn piece of paper on top of another cable just to the right. Of course this is another piece of the torn picture check this out that you are collecting all over the island. Once you’re at the top of the cable, jump off to the right. As you fall over the torn picture, you will pick it up and it will go into your backpack. Keep following the main tunnel until you see a stone staircase heading up out of a door. Walk up the staircase to go outside and end the underground tunnel tour.

The Secret Person

Once you finish up the tour, step outside and you’ll spot a strange man wearing sunglasses and an overcoat waiting outside. Click on him and you’ll hear his tale. He’ll then ask you to get a job over at the island museum and he wants you to meet back with him at this location later tonight. OK, the next thing to do is walk a little bit over to the right, where you’ll see another torn picture piece. Pick up the piece of the torn picture. Now run over to the left of the docks and leap up onto the top of the fishing boat, where you’ll see the next torn picture piece. We’re done here for now. Go to Main Street and then enter the museum.

Within the Museum

Talk to the security guard inside the museum and he will tell you to go speak with the assistant curator. You’ll find the assistant curator standing right above on top of the staircase. Walk up the stairs and click on him. He will tell you that four paintings have been placed in the wrong wings of the museum and that he needs you to put them in their correct spots. In each wing, you can pick up one painting on the wall (the others won’t move) and take it somewhere else. Here’s where all the paintings should go.

  • cubism -> impressionism
  • impressionism -> expressionism
  • expressionism -> realism
  • realism -> cubism

Once you have finished returning the paintings to their proper places, site web head back and talk with the assistant curator. He’ll tell you that you are hired and will take you inside the Forgery Detection Lab to begin your training. Now speak to him again and he says to pick a station to start the training. Click on the first desk to get started. Use the X-Ray device and drag it over each of the paintings until you find the painting with the sketching underneath it. You can use the arrows at the top of the screen to move between the different paintings. Then you click on the one you think is the real deal.

Now comes the next test. In this one, you need to use a magnifying glass to attempt to determine the fake in a group of paintings. Take a peek at the corners of each painting and locate the signatures. One of the signatures is slightly different than all of the others. That is the forged painting.

Now you’ll do a test with a photo where you need to locate the area in the picture that demonstrates that it’s a complete fake. Look up on the top left where the moon is. Click on the dark side of the moon. The reason you know this is fake is that if it were really a picture of the moon you wouldn’t see any stars here because the moon would block them out.

Now go on to the next station to continue your training. Here you will learn how to do a chemical analysis of a painting. In this test, you select a paint sample and then it drops into the beaker. A red bar moves across and when it reaches a square, that square lights up with a color. Click on that color beaker above while the square is lit to add it into the test solution. If you’re fast enough, you’ll see a green check appear over the square. Repeat this exercise until all four of the squares are done right. Now do it all over again for the other two paint samples. Once you conclude this test, your schooling is finished and the assistant curator will provide you a key to the supply closet.

Leave this room and then walk right following the signs that direct you to the statue room and then into the security office. Walk left past all of the statues and follow the sign that directs you to the security office and supply closet. Go left to the end and you’ll arrive at the supply closet door. Inside your backpack you’ll find the key that the assistant curator gave to you. Use it to unlock the door and go inside. In here you’ll see that sixth piece of the torn photo. Now that it’s put together you’ll see it forms a picture of the head of a gargoyle.

Next, leave the supply closet and walk back to the other end of the statue room. Follow the sign to the main hall and then exit the museum. Now it is night time outside. Go back to the city docks, which are over to the left. The mysterious guy in the hat and sunglasses will still be standing where you left him. Go inside the gate to the underground tour area and then follow the tunnel back to the wooden ladder. Climb the ladder and then click on the hatch at the top. The hatch cover will appear on screen and it has a gargoyle face on it. Use the mouse to move all the pieces on the hatch to match the version from the torn picture pieces you collected. All of the features have to match the picture exactly. When you’re done, the hatch will open and you can proceed up through it.

You will appear back inside the museum supply closet. Use the key again to unlock the door and then walk out into the hallway. Be careful because the security guard can be seen pacing back and forth inside the security office. Stay put until she passes and then dart past the window and keep going until you reach the door to the statue room. Go inside and then move across the room carefully, avoiding the laser beams. You are safe from being spotted by a laser beam when you’re hiding behind something, like a statue or potted plant. When you get across the room safely, go outside into the main hall.

Next walk up and left until you get to the spot where the painting of the Scream is hanging. Click on the top of it and you will jump up onto the light hanging above it. All of the sudden the museum alarms will go off and the police will arrive. This doesn’t look good! You’ll be placed in jail and then questioned by the police. The first thing you have to do is undergo a lie detector test. It’s very easy to pass. Next you’ll be invited to speak with the chief inspector back inside the museum office.

On the way back to the museum office, stop inside Bobo’s clown shop, where you’ll find the security guard from the museum. Click on him to ask him why he left his post and you’ll get his time card. Once you have the time card, leave the clown shop and go to the security office in the museum. When you’re inside the office, head over to the right of the room and click on the large computer. Because you have the time card that the security guard gave you, you’ll know where to look when reviewing the footage. You will see the mysterious guy appear and walk up to the painting. Press the print screen button to get a surveillance video screen print. Then go over and talk to the investigator. She will tell you to show the picture to the people in town. Walk out of the museum and head back to the outside of the clown shop.

Once you get to the front of Bobo’s clown store, show the printout from the security camera to the mime on the left. The mime knows who it is and she will pantomime music playing. This is a clue that the person you’re trying to find is inside the jazz cafe. Go right and then enter the cafe. After you enter the jazz cafe, walk to the right and you’ll spot the guy wearing sunglasses and a trenchcoat. He will run away from you. Follow him to the right to begin a big chase.

The chase scene begins here and you’ll be riding a motorized scooter in your attempt to catch the bad guy. You don’t really need to catch him during this part. What you need to do is to keep away from all the roadblocks and obstacles that you’ll pass during the chase. The chase goes on for a while and then you’ll wind up at the Docks. The mysterious guy will escape in a boat but as he departs he’ll accidentally drop a secret key card that you’ll be able to pick up from the ground.

Now you want to head over to the museum. When you arrive in the main lobby, the assistant curator will be waiting for you and give you a package that arrived addressed to you. It’s a painting of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and there’s also an x-ray device included. The painting is in your backpack. Find it and click on Examine to have a closer look. Drag the x-ray device over the painting and you’ll see a secret message from the curator telling you to meet at the Pop Art Museum in Early Poptropica island. This is a fun part where you now have to leave Counterfeit Island and go to Early Poptropica. Go outside the museum and get back into your balloon. Click the balloon to travel and then when the map appears, choose Early Poptropica as your destination.

When you arrive in Early Poptropica, go to the left and enter the Pop Art Museum. Walk a little bit to the left and you’ll find an older woman wearing purple clothes. Talk to her and she will explain a little bit about what is going on and give you a key. Exit the museum, go back to your travel balloon, and head back to Counterfeit Island.

Once your balloon returns you to Counterfeit, jump down and then go right all the way to the Countryside. You’ll find a house belonging to the chief inspector here. Use the key that the Curator gave you to sneak into the house. Walk upstairs and you’ll find a painting decorating the wall. Click on it to remove the canvas and you’ll see that it’s hiding the stolen painting from the museum! Next thing you know, the lights go dark and you are knocked out.

Once you come to, you discover that you’re deep underground in some sort of secret hideout. You and the mysterious art thief guy in sunglasses and a trenchcoat are tied up together in a chair and the Black Widow is here. She has captured you! The Black Widow will leave the room and then you and the mysterious guy will talk about how you were both set up by her. He’ll tell you to move your chair close to him so that he can untie you. To move your chair, click and drag your mouse to the left. Inch by inch, you’ll get a little closer each time. Once you get next to him, you’ll both escape the chairs and he’ll suggest that you both go after the Black Widow. Head out of the room to the right.

You’ll arrive in the next room. Run all the way to the left and then jump up on the crates. You need to avoid the guards while you do this. One of the most difficult guards to get past is the one walking on one of the platforms above. Wait until he reaches the end of the left side and then switches direction and starts going to the right. Jump up immediately and follow him a few steps until you see a couch. Jump onto the couch cushions and then use them to bounce upwards and left. Here you’ll see a special access panel. Use the key card you got at the end of the scooter chase at the Docks. Go through the door to enter Black Widow’s private gallery. Next, walk to the left to start the final battle.

Your new friend the guy in the trenchcoat will go to the left and jump onto a mechanical platform that has a big handle on it. You need to turn the handle to raise the platform up so that he can catch her. But once he does that, the Black Widow will start dropping art onto the ground, destroying it. You need to catch the art to keep it from breaking while continuing to try and turn the handle to raise the platform. This is certainly one of the hardest boss fights in Poptropica. You’ll see a counter on the screen when the Black Widow starts breaking the art. If more than $1 million worth of art is destroyed, you’ll have to start over the battle. Here’s the key trick: after every four pieces of art you catch, the Black Widow gets steaming mad and pauses for a few seconds. This gives you the chance to turn the handle a few turns. However you need to move very quickly because after just a couple of seconds, she tosses a bomb at you. Move away from the bomb before it explodes and then get back to the middle of the room to resume catching falling art. Keep repeating the cycle until you raise the platform all the way to the top.

When you get the platform all the way up, the guy captures her. You’ll appear inside the Internet Cafe and the Curator will be there. She’ll tell you to meet her at the museum. Go there and then the Curator will show you that the museum has been the secret hiding place for some of the most famous works of art in the world. She’ll then present you with the medal for completing the Counterfeit Island quest. Hooray!

Get Offensive With Boom Beach By Supercell

There are two main components to having an effective offensive strategy: the deciding of your military composition and order of deployment, and using the specific abilities of the Gunboat.


The Gunboat has unique capabilities that can boom beach strategy aid and support your troops. It should be noted, on the other hand, that all damaging skills and the stun capability allow for friendly fire.

The most frequently used are Barrage and Artillery. Both of these bargain damage to the opponent’s buildings. It’s wise to ruin essential defenses like Boom Cannons and Cannons before deploying troops. But this order may shift according to the types of troops you want to deploy. It needs to be noted that shells from both these deal splash damage to enemy buildings; two or more buildings that one shell can touch that.

For armies consisting of lower-health units, for example Riflemen and Zookas, defensive buildings should be targeted in this sequence (with Artillery or Batteries), with number one taking the highest precedence:

Rocket Launchers, due to splash damage and high range. Just one chain of shots may have the ability to wipe out most of a military that includes low health units.

Mortars, due to splash damage, and ability hit Zookas with their long range.

Flamethrowers, because of their ability to inflict high damage to multiple units too as their damage.

Sniper Towers, due to ability to one -shot lower- shooting speed that was comparatively fast and health units. Not as dangerous -health units as some other defensive buildings, however.

Cannons are essentially smaller Boom Cannons with a slightly higher rate of fire, and are hence ruined for the same reasoning. If the Cannon in question can one-shot the troop(s) you plan to deploy, it may be advisable to prioritize the Cannon over a Boom Cannon, as they’ve similar health and the Cannon fires quicker (and will consequently kill more of your troops).

Machine Guns can make short work of low health units, notably at close range, but the difficulty will be easily solved by a multiple or Hefty Heavies.

Boom Cannons can readily one-hit kill a low well-being unit, but swarming this defensive structure with enough units will readily make waste of it.

For armies that rely on high health units, for example Tanks and Heavies, defensive buildings should be targeted in this sequence (with Artillery or Batteries), with number one taking the best precedence:

Boom Cannons’ long range and high damage enable them to decide of your health units that are high one by one, badly crippling your army.

Cannons can eat away at them fairly nicely and additionally deal high damage to high health units, but they are prevented by their shorter range from getting as many shots off before being ruined, so they should be prioritized after Boom Cannons.

Rocket Launchers have exceptionally long range and adequate DPS splash damage which allows them to pummel all your Troops for a long time. Also, if your Heavies get in DPS’s spot, it will start killing your fragile Zookas which have a range more in relation to the Rocket Launcher’s blind spot.

Sniper Towers deal decent, long range damage to your own Troops. Given enough time, they could seriously damage your well-being Troops that are high, but their well-being that is higher than ordinary makes them advantageous to take out with Gunboat Weaponry.

Mortars have shots that drop slowly which may make them fire over your Heavies as they move up which can result in a chunk Zookas dying.

Flamethrowers can deal high damage to chunks if they have been allowed to, but their short range hinders their ability to fire at your Troops enough to make a big difference. Tanks can even destroy it without it hitting any of them because Tanks have an extended assault range than the Flamethrower.

Machine Guns do such low, erroneous damage, they are a very low risk to high health units.

Another skill that is incredibly important is the Flare, previously known as the signal smoke. This ability is employed to direct troops towards a designated place or to attack a specific building. The careful utilisation is a great means to ruin the opponent’s defensive buildings like the Cannon that can just shoot one target simultaneously and the Sniper Tower. It ought to be noted, on the other hand, that the Flare can be used in conjunction with the Shock Bomb to facilitate a Warrior rush at the HQ.

Both the Smoke Screen and the Shock Bomb allow an opportunity to troops at not being hit by defenses. The main difference, however, is that troops are protected by the Smoke Screen from enemy fire within its area of effect (allowing troops to move through it but not shoot), while the Shock Bomb disables defenses. It is suggested to use these to disable and avoid the effect of high damage or splash damage units, depending on which military makeup is employed.

Troops can be healed with use of the Medkit. It must be noted that although it might be used to counteract the damage like Flamethrower, Machine Gun and the Mortar, it doesn’t do much to counteract the damage of single -target defenses, particularly at higher amounts. Your Troops are especially useful when dealing with Flamethrowers, as it deals damage to troops even after it has ceased shooting flames at them.

Common Offensive Plays


There is a meat shield when you use well-being troops that are high in your front line of attack to defend your rear line. Meatshield army’s most common sort is the Hefty- Zooka or Hooka military. This is really useful against moderate-level bases with few high-dps single-shot defenses.


Normally used with Riflemen, opposing defenses overwhelm with the absolute amount of troops deployed. Singleshot defenses are usually no match for this particular military, but Mortars, Flamethrowers, and Rocket Launchers can damage and take out many troops at the same time.


A base which is laid out with the map’s HQ at the rear is not invulnerable to being sniped. By sending around enemy defenses with Flares in Riflemen or Heavies, a HQ with few defenses behind it’s vulnerable to attack from the tree-covered areas behind the foundation. Use this to your benefit.

HQ Rushing

Usually used with Warriors, Flaring the HQ and supporting them with Shock Bombs and Smoke Screens, the Warriors quickly destroy the HQ because of their high damage. AOE (area of effect) and splash damage is generally healed back by the Warriors, but Cannons, high level Boom Cannons and Sniper Towers can 1 shot or 2 shot them so make sure to Shock Blast these defenses.

A Complete Guide To Poptropica Land

Kids can create, destroy and rebuild at will whatever their imaginations can dream with Poptropica Property, established now from the popular virtual world for children Poptropica,. Developed in response to requests from kids, Poptropica Land enables Members to “alter the world” by devising their very own Islands.

In Poptropica Land, players find a mysterious tool, spoken of in Early Norse legend, which gives them unbelievable power over the world – the power to investigate, the power and the power to ruin.

Last February, Poptropica Members were invited to participate in the first Poptropica Laboratories experiment – a concept for testing new attributes with players – to appraise the Poptropica Acreage image. Members climbed to the occasion, crafting Islands which could be inhabited by everything from space creatures to dragons, and sharing their experiences, which were used to develop the “alpha software, variant 2” of the merchandise.

“Kids love Poptropica Islands, but they also want to devise their own virtual worlds and narratives, and today they can,” said Jordan Leary, game designer and developer for Poptropica, who leads the effort to create Poptropica Land. “Using feedback from thousands of Poptropica Members, we could present a fresh experience that places the power of creation, and of storytelling, in the hands of our players.”

Parents can purchase Poptropica Membership because of their children for less than $4 per month in one -, three- or six-month increments that are recurring. Membership gives access to players to access to pictures showing achievements in Island quests, and the newly published Poptropica Property, Early Access to new Islands, use of costumes and specific powers in the Poptropica Store, the capacity to save costumes to some personal closet.

Now’s launch is merely the start for Poptropica Land. New features will be added in the future, allowing even more chance for imagination and building narratives.

Hundreds of countless kids have visited with Poptropica since its launch almost 7 years ago, and the number grows every day. Poptropica players have their web browsers set to more than 100 distinct languages and come from more than 200 distinct states and territories.

Kids can remain current on news about approaching new Islands and other exciting developments in the world on the official Poptropica site.

Poptropica is a virtual world in which kids investigate and play in complete security. Every month, millions of children from around the world are amused and educated games, narratives and by Poptropica’s engaging quests.

Kids create a “Poptropican” character to travel the many Islands of Poptropica and use gaming literacy to love a story that is frequently rooted in factual history. Problem solving skills are honed as children discover and solve puzzles distinctive to each Island.

There are constantly new areas to explore in this ever-enlarging world where items can be collected by children, read digital books and comics, see pictures and compete in head-to-head competition. Parents are always able to trust that their kids are playing – and learning – in a safe mobile and on-line environment.

Secrets For Shrink Ray Island

In Shrink Ray Island, the greatest science fair project has been created by a young prodigy: a Shrink Ray Gun! But a thief has stolen it and shrinks down you to miniature size. You need to figure out who the thief is, the way to save the young scientist, and how to return to full size again. In this quest, you will spend most of your time inside the young scientist’s flat, looking for hints about who the burglar is. In this complete walkthrough, with all the cheats for Shrink Ray Island, you’ll find out how to solve everything step-by-step.

Shrink Ray Island arrived for members to play on June 30, 2011. Nonmembers will get about one month afterwards to play. There was a sneak preview with a mini-game called Shrink Shot, before the island became accessible.

Shrink Ray Island Walkthrough

You’ll drop down onto a slide and in the blimp, when you first arrive on the island. Run to the right and go into the school.

Keep going right and go through the doors into the science fair.

Take a look at all the cool science fair projects and walk all the way to the right. You’ll see a teacher standing alongside an exhibit that is empty. Talk to the teacher.

The teacher is named0 Mr. Silva and he is worried about his star pupil, CJ. She’s missing. Her parents are standing there also. Speak to them and they will tell you to look inside their apartment on Avenue A.

Leave the school and go right You’ll find CJ’s flat there. You will see an orange cat outside the door.

Go inside and the cat will follow you in. Follow the cat near and you will receive a good look at the apartment. It’s a pretty messy place.

The cat will vanish and the door will be shut. That is not usual! Now search for clues. First, head into CJ’s bedroom on the left.

Snap on the microscope on her desk and you will see she left a note saying that her invention was stolen.

A masked man will appear and he’s the shrink ray gun. You’ll try to escape, but he corners you and shrinks you down to miniature size. Oh no!

Now starts the principal part of this isle quest, where you attempt to figure out save and how to escape CJ and explore the apartment in shrunken size.

First visit the kitchen all the way on the right. You will see a remote at the top of the icebox, but it is catchy to get to.

Run to the right and jump up onto the drawers that are open. You’ll find a screwdriver in the top drawer.

Jump up onto the counter and run to the right to visit another portion of the kitchen.

Push on the rolling pin to ensure that it knocks the teapot onto the right burner. Afterward jump up that will lift you onto the shelf with the flour and sugar bowls.

Push on the bottle of oil so that it starts dripping down.

Jump down to the floor and shove the cat food bowl under the dripping oil. Then jump up to the ledge and jump up and down times.

Drop back down to the floor then shove on the cat food bowl to the right. Jump up on the top of the food after which onto the table.

Run to the right and pick the paper up. Then pick up a purple grape that you will carry.

Run to the kitchen space that is other) back (with the grape all the way.

Plug in the toaster. While taking the grape, shrink ray island jump onto the lever. Wait for you to pop up to another ledge

Push on the salt shaker to the left so it is on the spatula handle. Afterward jump up onto the cup. Then leap down onto the other end of the spatula and wait. The salt shaker will rise and fall, catapulting you up onto the top of the refrigerator.

Catch the remote control and leap down to the floor. Subsequently run left back in the family room.

more coming soon

Gettin To Know Poptropica

In the popular online game Poptropica, you’ll find that there are countless hours of entertainment available. Your main objective is to complete the different island quests. Each island has a unique plot and theme and certain things that must be done. Poptropica is cartoony and fun and is an exciting game to play. You can find many fun and exciting secrets in the game. You’ll find so many Poptropica Cheats that they cannot all fit into one web site but I’ve got a summary of Poptropica to show what can be done in Poptropica.

Islands in Poptropica

There are 24 islands in the game, with many more in store about once per month. The Poptropica islands are:

  • Early Poptropica
  • Sharktooth
  • 24 Carrot
  • Time Tangled
  • Super Power
  • Spy
  • Nabooti
  • Big Nate
  • Astro-Knights
  • Counterfeit
  • Reality TV
  • Mythology
  • Skullduggery
  • Steamworks
  • Great Pumpkin
  • Cryptids
  • Wild West
  • Wimpy Wonderland
  • Red Dragon
  • Shrink Ray
  • Mystery Train
  • Game Show
  • Ghost Story
  • S.O.S.
  • Vampire’s Curse
  • Twisted Thicket
  • Poptropolis Games
  • Wimpy Boardwalk
  • Lunar Colony
  • Super Villain Island
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Zomberry Island
  • Night Watch Island
  • Back Lot Island
  • Virus Hunter Island
  • Mocktropica Island
  • Monster Carnival Island
  • Survival Island
  • Mission: Atlantis

You can do any island mission at any time, but you probably want to get going with one of the simpler islands, like Time Tangled to build a feel for how to play.

Playing the Game

You may be either gender and you can customize the appearance prior to starting the game. You may start with a new player each time or register with the site to save your character as a repeat player.

The game is like a classic side-scroller. You start each island adventure by arriving via balloon and then you have to speak with characters that you come across to uncover what must be done. You then progress through the mission until you have completed all the tasks you need to finish.

Poptropica mashes together logic challenges and missions with basic arcade skills like jumping, running and playing with objects in the world. Much of the game includes jumping around things in the way or climbing up buildings to find secret spots.

Other Players

In certain rooms on many of the Poptropica islands where you can play contests against other players. Winning several mini-games improves your battle ranking. You can also chat with other players using built-in questions from a menu.

Completing Shrink Ray Island In Poptropica

Here is a step by step walkthrough of Shrink Ray Island with all the cheats and secrets for the experience!

When you arrive at Shrink Ray Island, go to the fair building to the right and inside discover the door on the left with a Science Fair door.

Continue to go right till locate a teacher with a mustache, he is a Mr. Silva and the two man on his right parents of CJ, they are worried to the pupil CJ is missing.

Go out to the building and move on right to the Avenue A and find CJ’s apartment.

It is possible to understand their flat because there’s a cat standing outside the door. When you enter to the apartment, the cat may also go inside and you should make him go out to the home.

Follow the cat until it leaves the flat. Now continue to the computer table and when you are doing that a disguised man will appear and make you shrink.

Now jump above the drawer and try to visit the blower, turn on the blower and a thumb drive will be revealed under the bed. Pick it up and move to the right.

You are going to be on the computer table if you look into the microscope beside the laptop, there is a note about a missing creation.

Run to the privilege to get to another section of the bedroom and after that go right again to enter the living room. See out for the cat’s paw when you run past the living-room door. Jump up in the air as you run past.

Go in the room. A remote control on top of the fridge.

Run to the right and up on the drawer and jump push on the yellow sponge. On the second drawer you see a screwdriver. Then jump up onto the counter and run to the privilege to get to the next section of the kitchen.

On the next website, a piece here that you just want to get and it’s on the far right side in addition to a table. Getting there’s a little catchy!

First, push the rolling pin such that it knocks the teapot onto the other burner. Run up and jump into the steam coming from your teapot. It will lift you up to the shelf and Thrust oil over onto its side so that it starts dripping out. Go down to the ground then shove the cat’s food bowl to ensure that it’s under the dripping oil. Now jump on the counter and then discover cat food bag and jump into it repeatedly to make tons out. You should jump on it at least 4-5 times. Oil and the food will stick together forming a stepping stool out of the cat food that you may use. Go down so the cat food bowl is underneath the table and push on it to the right,. Jump up together with the cat food and then up onto the table top. Walk to the right to get the piece of paper. Pick up among the purple grapes, which you’ll need for another job, then before you go.

Head to the left side on the first section of the kitchen. Jump on the counter and run over towards the toaster. Click the plug to plug it into the outlet.

Leap handle while holding the grape and stand there for a few seconds. The toaster heats up and the handle pops up, sending you flying upwards into the air. You’ll land on a ledge with a spatula, a cup full of utensils, and a salt shaker.

Shove on the saltshaker to the left until it is at the end of the spatula handle. Jump up onto the cup full of utensils and then hold and wait and leap to the right of the spatula for the saltshaker to fly back to the spatula and that may make you fly up in the air.

You will then land on the top of the fridge, where you could pick up the remote control.

Use the batter, now go down and head to the right till you find a course plaything, use your screwdriver and you will obtain a battery, right above the course is a remote control and jump off the green button, the TV will turn on. Jump above to the right’s antenna and you may be electrified. Because of this you’re able to stick on the balloons and bound to the portrait.

Jump to the left and you will see fish food, shake it how to complete Shrink Ray Island 5-7 times so you wo n’t be eaten by the fish, turn the aquarium away and dive in. Under it is the diary key.

Once you got the key, turn the aquarium on and you’ll blow outside.

Now visit the right and push the green and yellow sponge next to the Power Clean spray bottle on the ground. Jump onto the top of the bottle on the sponge and after that. Finally, jump to the top and go inside it.

Once inside, you need by moving things to solve a puzzle. Items that may be moved are clickable. First click on it, and click on either the right or left green arrows to move it. If you move an object that has been holding up others be cautious that you want to watch out that everything doesn’t fall on top of you! You goal would be to get to the top right corner of the puzzle and get the Torn Page.

Select the green restart button in the lower left of your display to leave immediately, after you have the Torn Page.

Run left find the following clue and to leave the kitchen and head to the family room and head back to the CJ’s bedroom.

Go left to CJ’s bedroom after which jump on her desk. Use the thumb drive to place it inside the computer. You will need to enter the password. The correct password is m4r13 cur13. Marie Curie is CJ’s hero and you need to replace the “i” with 1′, the “a” with a 4 and the “e” with 3. The blueprints for the shrink ray gun will be uploaded.

Jump upwards again to get on the ledge with the Rubik’s Cube and her diary that is green. Use the key in your back pack to open the diary. Afterward use the torn page to complete part of the diary ripped and you’ll get message. It sounds like the robber is close by!

Now jump on the thermostat and make it whirl to reddish so that the heat turns on.

Jump down and stand next to the microscope. Then use the piece of paper out of your backpack to put it down on the desk. Jump up onto the lamp then bounce up and down several times to bring it down closer to the paper. Click the light switch, when it will not go down anymore. The secret message is revealed by the warmth from the lamp from CJ that was written in lemon juice. It says, “Look for me in the telescope. School coordinates.”

Now proceed to the left to another section of the bedroom. Knock over the wastepaper basket and a bunch of paper will fall out and then climb from the heat coming up through the port. Use the papers as stages to get up in addition to the bed. Then pick up the morse code key in the top of the bed. Jump over onto the telescope. Subsequently stand on each dial and spin them to these coordinates: y – 16 and x – 87.

Now look through the telescope. CJ is inside the classroom and she is sending you a message. Use the secret to decipher the message as they are sent by her to you and click each letter. The complete message is: flush the thumb drive. Head for the toilet.

The objective is to ensure we are able to flush the thumb drive to get past the tub and around to the toilet. Run to the left and jump on the drawer manages to reach the counter top. Leap onto the hair dryer and stand on the back end so that it tips up. Then click on the red button to turn it on. Bound into the stream of hot air and then you will wind up together with the shower curtain rod and move to another portion of the toilet. Drop down onto the soap dish and push the bar off. Jump down into the tub. Visit the right and climb the rope up. Then stand turn the water on and run to whirl it and handle. The water will fill up the tub so that you can swim around to the floating bar of soap. Leap onto the bar and from there jump onto the back of the rubber duck. Now jump to the left from the tub. Bound onto the stack and onto the red plunger. Then leap to the toilet bowl. While standing on the bowl, use the thumb drive in your backpack to drop it inside. Next, hop handle to send the thumb drive down. Head back the way you came to depart.

Establish the telescope in CJ’s bathroom to the same coordinates and go all the way back to it (87,16). Peek into it again and CJ has a fresh message. The new message reads, “Robber is Mr. Silva. Now we have to escape the apartment and save CJ!”

Return to the family room and take the battery from the remote control. Then place it into the toy truck. Drive the toy truck and get in left into CJ’s bedroom.

Get out of the truck and jump up onto CJ’s bookshelf. Visit the top where you will find a book called, Tess’s Tree by Jess M. Brallier. Push the book off the shelf to make it form a ramp that your truck can go over and land. Jump back down and get in the truck. Drive over the ramp and you will see a brief cinematic through the glass and where you drive up window out into the street.

Outside the street, you’ll begin playing with an easy overhead mini game where you must drive the truck down the street while avoiding barriers. The ride it very simple to finish and lasts a little over a minute.

You’ll end up inside Mr. Silva’s office in the school. Run left and there’s CJ!

But will attempt to Mr. Silva to shrink you into oblivion. Now you need to prevent the ray gun.

In this game you need when the ray gun appears so that it shrinks the item instead of you to hide behind items. Go to the left across the ground. You are able to either pause behind each object or bypass every other one (if you’re quick enough). You need to start over, if the ray gun hit you. You are target is go up to the table and hide to mirror and when Mr. Silva attempts to shrink this time to you, the shrink ray reflects off the mirror and hits him! Mr. falls into the ant farm jar, where he’s trapped and shrinks himself!

Click the switch and after that you’ll both return to regular size.

Now you’re back on the science fair and you get the isle medallion.