Song for the Cousin of Myriad Bird Feathers

Come with me to the crown of leaves
the celestial love is humble on your brow
and you preserved in the honor and recovered
a shining peace of poems.

A jar -like river bank
cactus of a attracted profound candle
brings all the protects warmth
of your marine light when you hold out your toe
all leaves become grapes
Always you divulge through the midnight
toward the midnight exciting doves.

The current trusts in perservering your breath.

The fire acerb roots are rustled
On what mineral branches excited with maps of mud?


Another Packet of Poems

I’ve collected another packet of poems to share with you. They’re almost as good as some of my earlier ones.

From Lava to Clay

A crimson river bank blossoms
We open the halves of a mysterious and the
lunging of nougats continues into the wonderful night
they deformed it with muzzled pencils
return to the homeland of the shades of yellow.

An Ode to Fear

It was a rotten business of shadow and nougats
the blazing mother!
Imbues in the celestial morning
as if to dig up or magnify or freeze
On what smothered legless horses trusted with heat?

Divulging a evening star
protected in the clear thunder
preserved and then entertained in the night!
And inside my hammock, during the twilight, I woke up naked
and full of wonder.

The Ghostly Cummerbund

Developing a ripple
fluttered in the slender wind,
nothing but your affluent hips
as if to filter or drink or taunt
replace me and let my substance crystallize
The uncle smiles at the gentleman.
But the fisherman does not smile
when he looks at the pheasant fisherman,
and the rabid ocean
I want you to trust on my eye
the lava aromatic clefts are abducted!
And the crown to its perfume
and among the ribbons the lion hearted one
the cousin covered with lyrical farm
next to the turqoise anger of the throat
the infinite leaves cracked
I saw how stones are stored
by the plumed circus?
The dashing lady
rustles in the celestial morning
amid silvery water and opaque deep brown clusters
blue earth to my worn-out love!

A Packet of Poems

Here is a collection of some of the very best (worst?) poetry assembled. If you want to download the complete archive, just click here. You’ll need WinRAR to unpack the archive and spread the gooey goodness all over your hard drive.

Dark and mammoth over the light

Very scary beside the tomb
I poke electric tomb stones on the flowers
Beware! The King is dying
All heavy on the grave
You converse with black spirits beside the dreamscape
I reach! The day is dying
Dark and mammoth over the light
We battle dank claws beside the earth
Be wary! The Knight gets weird
backlit defiant
fading slowly
so many roads to choose from
How many times
the hero
ask his way
all through his life

Very grotesque before the air

Weird and brilliant on the earth
You stretch grotesque cats over the trees
Bizarre! The birth will go
Dark and comely about the air
I breed angry tentacles among the light
Oh God! The heat is good
Very grotesque before the air
We envision splintering teeth before the towers
Awaken! The evil is no more
opaque wanting
in the night
sun on his face
With what regrets
my friend
take another road
never knowing how

Evil and electric below the towers

Very wanting beyond the flock
You enjoy poisonous illusions before the fire
Alack! The insanity will come again
Totally tiny within the grave
You battle musty spirits before the earth
Atone! The stink will die
Evil and electric below the towers
You excrete big spells among the rain
Intense! The King will go
wavering defiant
crossing the frontier
all his wounds in front
With what regrets
the lover
wander aimlessly
while the snow fell

All yellow before the ground

I am red beside the dreamscape
We summon arid faces about the trees
Be watchful. The bitch is vanishing
Quite damp before the dream
We grind luminous diamonds over the flock
Dig it! The lust is gone
All yellow before the ground
You condemn odorous snakes in the fog
Awaken! The King will come
luminous silent
saying goodbye
no words left
With what hopes
our neighbor
miss his chance
in a different light

So arid beyond the mud

Dark and black beyond the spirits
You prod arid lights beside the vapors
Alas! The inspiration is coming
All peaceful before the wind
I dispel blue rats under the wind
Atone! The sin is going
So arid beyond the mud
We excrete humming feet in the clouds
Bizarre! The sin will die
flickering nameless
turning away
a broken promise
Where in the end
the refugee
leave his home
while the crowd watched



Very Desirous Among the Ground

So hot against the tomb
I prod florescent hooks within the gods
Be transparent. The Fool continues
Quite dry behind the fog
I meet red icons beside the gods
Be luminous. The clash of life never ends
Very desirous among the ground
We enjoy happy eruptions near the land
Oh God! The insanity gets weird
unafraid defiant
fading slowly
empty hands
Down what streets
the sailor
lose his way
while the world changed

Evil and Lustful Against the Gods

So big over the fire
We command angry teeth among the grave
Be watchful. The vision is fleeing
Dark and evil beside the wind
We poke glittering sounds beneath the slime
Awaken! The Queen is over
Evil and lustful against the gods
We extort dank weirdness among the grave
Tighten up your wig! The insanity has vanished
backlit tired
fading slowly
a trace of sadness
Feeling sated from my meal
From what country
the sailor
wander aimlessly
while the world changed