Gettin To Know Poptropica

In the popular online game Poptropica, you’ll find that there are countless hours of entertainment available. Your main objective is to complete the different island quests. Each island has a unique plot and theme and certain things that must be done. Poptropica is cartoony and fun and is an exciting game to play. You can find many fun and exciting secrets in the game. You’ll find so many Poptropica Cheats that they cannot all fit into one web site but I’ve got a summary of Poptropica to show what can be done in Poptropica.

Islands in Poptropica

There are 24 islands in the game, with many more in store about once per month. The Poptropica islands are:

  • Early Poptropica
  • Sharktooth
  • 24 Carrot
  • Time Tangled
  • Super Power
  • Spy
  • Nabooti
  • Big Nate
  • Astro-Knights
  • Counterfeit
  • Reality TV
  • Mythology
  • Skullduggery
  • Steamworks
  • Great Pumpkin
  • Cryptids
  • Wild West
  • Wimpy Wonderland
  • Red Dragon
  • Shrink Ray
  • Mystery Train
  • Game Show
  • Ghost Story
  • S.O.S.
  • Vampire’s Curse
  • Twisted Thicket
  • Poptropolis Games
  • Wimpy Boardwalk
  • Lunar Colony
  • Super Villain Island
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Zomberry Island
  • Night Watch Island
  • Back Lot Island
  • Virus Hunter Island
  • Mocktropica Island
  • Monster Carnival Island
  • Survival Island
  • Mission: Atlantis

You can do any island mission at any time, but you probably want to get going with one of the simpler islands, like Time Tangled to build a feel for how to play.

Playing the Game

You may be either gender and you can customize the appearance prior to starting the game. You may start with a new player each time or register with the site to save your character as a repeat player.

The game is like a classic side-scroller. You start each island adventure by arriving via balloon and then you have to speak with characters that you come across to uncover what must be done. You then progress through the mission until you have completed all the tasks you need to finish.

Poptropica mashes together logic challenges and missions with basic arcade skills like jumping, running and playing with objects in the world. Much of the game includes jumping around things in the way or climbing up buildings to find secret spots.

Other Players

In certain rooms on many of the Poptropica islands where you can play contests against other players. Winning several mini-games improves your battle ranking. You can also chat with other players using built-in questions from a menu.


Completing Shrink Ray Island In Poptropica

Here is a step by step walkthrough of Shrink Ray Island with all the cheats and secrets for the experience!

When you arrive at Shrink Ray Island, go to the fair building to the right and inside discover the door on the left with a Science Fair door.

Continue to go right till locate a teacher with a mustache, he is a Mr. Silva and the two man on his right parents of CJ, they are worried to the pupil CJ is missing.

Go out to the building and move on right to the Avenue A and find CJ’s apartment.

It is possible to understand their flat because there’s a cat standing outside the door. When you enter to the apartment, the cat may also go inside and you should make him go out to the home.

Follow the cat until it leaves the flat. Now continue to the computer table and when you are doing that a disguised man will appear and make you shrink.

Now jump above the drawer and try to visit the blower, turn on the blower and a thumb drive will be revealed under the bed. Pick it up and move to the right.

You are going to be on the computer table if you look into the microscope beside the laptop, there is a note about a missing creation.

Run to the privilege to get to another section of the bedroom and after that go right again to enter the living room. See out for the cat’s paw when you run past the living-room door. Jump up in the air as you run past.

Go in the room. A remote control on top of the fridge.

Run to the right and up on the drawer and jump push on the yellow sponge. On the second drawer you see a screwdriver. Then jump up onto the counter and run to the privilege to get to the next section of the kitchen.

On the next website, a piece here that you just want to get and it’s on the far right side in addition to a table. Getting there’s a little catchy!

First, push the rolling pin such that it knocks the teapot onto the other burner. Run up and jump into the steam coming from your teapot. It will lift you up to the shelf and Thrust oil over onto its side so that it starts dripping out. Go down to the ground then shove the cat’s food bowl to ensure that it’s under the dripping oil. Now jump on the counter and then discover cat food bag and jump into it repeatedly to make tons out. You should jump on it at least 4-5 times. Oil and the food will stick together forming a stepping stool out of the cat food that you may use. Go down so the cat food bowl is underneath the table and push on it to the right,. Jump up together with the cat food and then up onto the table top. Walk to the right to get the piece of paper. Pick up among the purple grapes, which you’ll need for another job, then before you go.

Head to the left side on the first section of the kitchen. Jump on the counter and run over towards the toaster. Click the plug to plug it into the outlet.

Leap handle while holding the grape and stand there for a few seconds. The toaster heats up and the handle pops up, sending you flying upwards into the air. You’ll land on a ledge with a spatula, a cup full of utensils, and a salt shaker.

Shove on the saltshaker to the left until it is at the end of the spatula handle. Jump up onto the cup full of utensils and then hold and wait and leap to the right of the spatula for the saltshaker to fly back to the spatula and that may make you fly up in the air.

You will then land on the top of the fridge, where you could pick up the remote control.

Use the batter, now go down and head to the right till you find a course plaything, use your screwdriver and you will obtain a battery, right above the course is a remote control and jump off the green button, the TV will turn on. Jump above to the right’s antenna and you may be electrified. Because of this you’re able to stick on the balloons and bound to the portrait.

Jump to the left and you will see fish food, shake it how to complete Shrink Ray Island 5-7 times so you wo n’t be eaten by the fish, turn the aquarium away and dive in. Under it is the diary key.

Once you got the key, turn the aquarium on and you’ll blow outside.

Now visit the right and push the green and yellow sponge next to the Power Clean spray bottle on the ground. Jump onto the top of the bottle on the sponge and after that. Finally, jump to the top and go inside it.

Once inside, you need by moving things to solve a puzzle. Items that may be moved are clickable. First click on it, and click on either the right or left green arrows to move it. If you move an object that has been holding up others be cautious that you want to watch out that everything doesn’t fall on top of you! You goal would be to get to the top right corner of the puzzle and get the Torn Page.

Select the green restart button in the lower left of your display to leave immediately, after you have the Torn Page.

Run left find the following clue and to leave the kitchen and head to the family room and head back to the CJ’s bedroom.

Go left to CJ’s bedroom after which jump on her desk. Use the thumb drive to place it inside the computer. You will need to enter the password. The correct password is m4r13 cur13. Marie Curie is CJ’s hero and you need to replace the “i” with 1′, the “a” with a 4 and the “e” with 3. The blueprints for the shrink ray gun will be uploaded.

Jump upwards again to get on the ledge with the Rubik’s Cube and her diary that is green. Use the key in your back pack to open the diary. Afterward use the torn page to complete part of the diary ripped and you’ll get message. It sounds like the robber is close by!

Now jump on the thermostat and make it whirl to reddish so that the heat turns on.

Jump down and stand next to the microscope. Then use the piece of paper out of your backpack to put it down on the desk. Jump up onto the lamp then bounce up and down several times to bring it down closer to the paper. Click the light switch, when it will not go down anymore. The secret message is revealed by the warmth from the lamp from CJ that was written in lemon juice. It says, “Look for me in the telescope. School coordinates.”

Now proceed to the left to another section of the bedroom. Knock over the wastepaper basket and a bunch of paper will fall out and then climb from the heat coming up through the port. Use the papers as stages to get up in addition to the bed. Then pick up the morse code key in the top of the bed. Jump over onto the telescope. Subsequently stand on each dial and spin them to these coordinates: y – 16 and x – 87.

Now look through the telescope. CJ is inside the classroom and she is sending you a message. Use the secret to decipher the message as they are sent by her to you and click each letter. The complete message is: flush the thumb drive. Head for the toilet.

The objective is to ensure we are able to flush the thumb drive to get past the tub and around to the toilet. Run to the left and jump on the drawer manages to reach the counter top. Leap onto the hair dryer and stand on the back end so that it tips up. Then click on the red button to turn it on. Bound into the stream of hot air and then you will wind up together with the shower curtain rod and move to another portion of the toilet. Drop down onto the soap dish and push the bar off. Jump down into the tub. Visit the right and climb the rope up. Then stand turn the water on and run to whirl it and handle. The water will fill up the tub so that you can swim around to the floating bar of soap. Leap onto the bar and from there jump onto the back of the rubber duck. Now jump to the left from the tub. Bound onto the stack and onto the red plunger. Then leap to the toilet bowl. While standing on the bowl, use the thumb drive in your backpack to drop it inside. Next, hop handle to send the thumb drive down. Head back the way you came to depart.

Establish the telescope in CJ’s bathroom to the same coordinates and go all the way back to it (87,16). Peek into it again and CJ has a fresh message. The new message reads, “Robber is Mr. Silva. Now we have to escape the apartment and save CJ!”

Return to the family room and take the battery from the remote control. Then place it into the toy truck. Drive the toy truck and get in left into CJ’s bedroom.

Get out of the truck and jump up onto CJ’s bookshelf. Visit the top where you will find a book called, Tess’s Tree by Jess M. Brallier. Push the book off the shelf to make it form a ramp that your truck can go over and land. Jump back down and get in the truck. Drive over the ramp and you will see a brief cinematic through the glass and where you drive up window out into the street.

Outside the street, you’ll begin playing with an easy overhead mini game where you must drive the truck down the street while avoiding barriers. The ride it very simple to finish and lasts a little over a minute.

You’ll end up inside Mr. Silva’s office in the school. Run left and there’s CJ!

But will attempt to Mr. Silva to shrink you into oblivion. Now you need to prevent the ray gun.

In this game you need when the ray gun appears so that it shrinks the item instead of you to hide behind items. Go to the left across the ground. You are able to either pause behind each object or bypass every other one (if you’re quick enough). You need to start over, if the ray gun hit you. You are target is go up to the table and hide to mirror and when Mr. Silva attempts to shrink this time to you, the shrink ray reflects off the mirror and hits him! Mr. falls into the ant farm jar, where he’s trapped and shrinks himself!

Click the switch and after that you’ll both return to regular size.

Now you’re back on the science fair and you get the isle medallion.

Poptropica Nabooti Island Step-by-step

When you arrive in Nabooti on your blimp, head immediately into the Museum and then speak with the woman downstairs and she will present you with a map of Africa. Then go to the plane at the left and get in and fly. You can fly all around the continent now that you have your map.

Your mission for this island is very simple: find the missing Nabooti jewels and return them to the totem pole inside the museum.

Getting the Purple Jewel from the Blue Nile Falss

Help the woman up at the top of the falls to move her chicken, fox and corn feed over the chasm. The trick is that you have to move them across in a specific order, otherwise one of the animals will eat its companion. Here is the order: First go across with the chicken, then with the feed but bring the chicken back. Now take the Fox across and leave him with the feed and then return to grab the chicken and bring him over. As her way of saying thank you, the woman will reveal the location of a hidden cave by the waterfall. To get there, jump up and to the right or drop back down and climb up the long way.

Once you enter the hidden cave, you need to move across the stones by jumping off each one as soon as you land on it. It can be a little frustrating because if you miss one, you have to start all over again. The trick here is when jumping, point your mouse exactly where you want your character to land. The missing Purple Jewel is sitting at the far end of the cave. Almost done: before you go, you need to grab the blue Egyptioan Lily flower that you’ll find at the top of the waterfall. Once you have it, return to Nabooti. The woman at the market in Nabooti will trade you a turban for the Egyptian Lily. You’ll need to have the turban to get one of the other jewels.

Mountains of the Moon

Go to the left, your aim is to go up the top of the mountain. You need to avoid the rocks that fall and roll as well as the pesky mountain goats. Once you get to the top left part of the mountain, there’s a lady here who is interested in the fruit over the hill. Get the Opuntia Fruit (known as the cactus pear) and keep on climbing. Go to the top right corner near the ice – beat the old man, he will challenge for a mini game Mancala, you’ll solve the puzzle really quick here. When you win, go inside the cave, just like o the Blue Nile Falls, you need to pass through to the platform, it’s much harder because the icy platforms are slippery, and if you fall you need to start over again. You will find a cell phone below, pick it up. You will find the Red Jewel at the end of the cave.

Kaya Forest

Before you go to Kaya Forest, you need to go to Giza first, make sure you have your turban. Put on your turban and one of the tomb raiders will give you a shovel. The adventurer Vince has recovered a valuable item from the Pyramids. Before helping the tomb raiders, go back to your plain and go to the Kaya forests. When you’re in the Kaya Forests, place the Opuntia Fruit to get the tortoise to move, revealing a hole in the ground. Dig with the shovel and you’ll reveal the ebony elephant statue. Two ghosts will appear. Click on the one on the left and he’ll tell you to return a Fingo to him for a reward. Go back towards your airplane. Before you leave, be sure to grab the gold nugget that is up in the palm tree above the second hut.. Return to the marketplace in Nabooti to trade your gold nugget for a camera and the ebony elephant for a fingo.”. Return it to the spirits in Kaya and they will give you the Green Jewel as an exchange for the Fingo.

Now go to Giza: Blue Jewel

You’ll still need to be wearing your turban and have the cell phone in your backpack. If you take a look at the shovel, you’ll see there’s a phone number written on the handle. Vince will hear his phone and get inside the tent while he answers his men will run off. Walk over to the tent and get the moonstone from inside Vince’s bag. Put it atop the Sphinx statue and the door will open. Keep walking forward until you reach a series of dashes on the wall.

When you click on one, the other three rotate by 90 degrees. Press each one of the lines to get them to all line up in a horizontal row. This allows you to take the upper path and avoid the scorpion.

When you reach the set of four blocks, push them off either side to re-create the design on the wall below. In the second puzzle, you need to push the blocks on top of the platform down and arrange them underneath to match the layout on the wall. It’s a little tougher than it first seems because you need to do things in a certain order that will look like the image on the wall. If you mess up, you can pull the reset handle and start over. Once you’re done, it will open the wall above. You’ll arrive at the next puzzle. Next you need to head up to another set of platforms above you. Each one has different hieroglyphics (pictures) on it and you must jump on them in the correct order or they will all come crashing down and you’ll have to start over again. The correct order is person, boat, bird with staff, eye. Now you can jump up onto the bricks above you. For the last puzzle, there are 2 big statues and 4 little statues. Count the dots on the bellies of the little ones. Flip the switches quickly that drop each little statue in order (1 dot, 2 dots, 3, and 4) before the sand covers the switches. The small mummy case opens to reveal the Blue Jewel.

On to the Safari and Diamond Mine

Fly to Safari, make sure you have your camera with you and get seven good photos of animals in safari for Zeke, who will give you a miner’s hardhat. You will need it to enter the Diamond Mine. Next you need to fly South to the Diamond Mine, where you can enter the mine area and turn off the timer that controls the electric fence. Next, climb up the conveyor to get to the hole in the barbed wire. Leap over the rolling carts to get to the elevator. Once in the mine, blast the rock and the right wall with the explosive and the sparking wire. The first explosion you set will destroy the boulder and the second explosion that you set will blow up the wall of rock. Ride the mine cart (duck and jump) to the diamond pile. There is a large black rock with diamonds still inside it. Click on the rock and you’ll play an easy mini-game where you need to find the final white Nabooti crystal with a magnifying glass. The Nabooti Crystal is easy to spot, since it has a tiny engraving on it. You can find it over on the left side. Now that you have all the Nabooti Jewels, get out of here and return to your airplane.

Return to the Nabooti, proceed to the museum, and put the jewels into the Nabooti totem in order: From the top Purple, Green, Red, White, Blue. You’ll be amazed at what transpires!

You have now completed Nabooti Island! Claim your medal as a reward!

How To Defeat 24 Carrot Island

In 24 Carrot Island, you need to help a decimated island solve the puzzle of its vanishing carrots. In this quest, you’ll match wits with the dastardly Dr. Hare, a villain who has a strategy to steal all of the carrots on the island. Read this complete guide will all of the cheats for Poptropica 24 Carrot Island to learn how to solve it.

Entry Region and Carrot Farm

You will arrive on 24 Carrot Island. Instantly head to the left and head to the Carrot Farm. You want to enter the farmhouse and the manner in is through the chimney. Go a couple of steps to the right and you’ll get an empty bowl that is on the ground near the sofa. Go back up through the chimney to get outside of your house. Return to Main Street, where you arrived by balloon. Walk a couple of paces to the right and then go inside the restaurant, called the Carrot King Diner. Talk to the waitress right by the door and request her to fill your bowl with milk. Now you have a bowl filled with milk, return to the Carrot Farm and go back into your house through the chimney yet again.

This time, proceed to the right. When you pass the place where you found the empty bowl, you are going to bend down and put the complete bowl on the floor. Keep going to the right and then jump up in the elevator space to get to the second floor. Then walk to the left until you reach the bathtub. Turn the water handle on the bath to start filling it. A cat which was hiding inside the tub will jump out to avoid getting wet. Walk slowly behind her lost cat to “pursue” him downstairs and then follow him there. The cat will spy the bowl of milk that you put on the ground and will drink from it. Now he is your friend for life and will follow you everywhere. Leave the farmhouse and return back to Main Street.

Walk all the way to the right until you arrive at Charlie’s shop. Once you are inside the shop, you will see someone standing by the counter. Speak with the girl and she will provide you a crowbar as a benefit for locating her lost cat.

Leave the shop and proceed to the right. Follow the indication to the Factory. When you get there, keep running to the right. Leap up onto the roof to find the vent blueprint. The pattern will enable you to get through the maze of passageways inside the factory. Jump down the right side of the building and you will see a pipe near some old barrels floating in the water. Snap on the grate covering the conduit. You will use the crowbar to open up it. Then go inside.

Navigating the Factory

Go left through the pipe and you’ll locate a carrot transporter. You will not really desire this either, but it’s trendy to have. Now jump up the left side of the pipe and after that right to the right back over the valves that open and close. The trick to get over these is to stand at the edge and be patient. Start running just as they are closing and do one at a time. A few of them open and close extremely quickly, so see your time.

There’s an awful giant rat awaiting you in the next place. He’s quite easy to avoid if you jump up into the little section of pipe that goes above. Run through it and go down the other side to the left. Jump up through the top and you’ll be inside a dark room inside the factory.

What to Do Inside the Factory

The Machine Room

Walk several steps to the left and you will wind up standing beside the master engine panel. There are three levers on the machine and they’re all in the up location. Move the left lever so it is midway between up and down. You will see the green light over the lever will illuminate. Move the central lever all the way down and the right lever to the same location in between up and down as you did with the lever on the left. All three green lights will light up and then the primary lights in the room will go on and the master engine will start going.

Head over to the right side of the room and jump up on the boxes. Bound around the left onto the platform after which onto the top of the three barrels. A giant mechanical arm will come by and when it does, jump up onto that. It will come into a stage on the right and when it does, jump off onto the stage and enter the open port.


The port is a little bit like a maze where you can just see slightly before you as you go. Lost? It’s possible for you to use the blueprints that you just found out on the roof. Go down to the left and go forward until you run into a portion of the passage which is covered in ice and snow. Go up and through that passageway after which down another side. You will find some wire cutters lying at the bottom of the passage. Pick them up and then keep moving to the right until you find a grate in the passageway. Click on the grate to go through to the next room.

Security System

You will arrive on a platform with a sign that says Security System and where the word empowered is lit up. Drop down onto the ground of this room. A security robot will fly in and zap you. After you’re zapped in a blinding flash of white light, you will end up in a brand-new room in the factory. You will see a panel above and to the right marked as the security system. Using the wire cutters, sever all three wires to disable the system. Now visit the right and jump up to the top where there’s a grate you are able to leave to return into the Port.

The Packing Room

Leap up and go inside the port. Afterward head up and to the right. You should quickly come to a brand new vent grate. Head into this room. You have to jump through a couple of open chutes where carrot crates come flying through. Stand on the border of each chute and wait for the crates to stop falling before continuing to the following one. The crates come in groups of distinct numbers. It’s not overly difficult to discover the patterns if you’re patient as you go past. Visit the right when you get past the chutes and drop to the ground. then head over to the left of the room.

Soon you’ll find a girl wearing a set of metal rabbit ears and peculiar swirly glasses. Click on her and say, “Hey, What Is that behind you?” You’ll see a closeup of the top of the rabbit ears. There is a little power button in the centre. Press that to turn the ears away and the girl will no longer be under their hypnotic power. The girl will recover a printout that gives you a password. Now go just a little to the left and jump back up to the port grate where you entered. Head back into the vent passageway.

Return to the Security Robot Room

And now you must go through the vents and return to the security room where you’re zapped by the security robot.

The robot will not zap you this time because the security system continues to be disabled. Go to the bottom right where you see a doorway and a sign that says, “Authorized Bunny Drones Only.” You’re no authorized bunny drone so you will fall through a trap door that appears when you attempt to pass through the door. But you will solve that issue in a moment. You’ll land in a brand new factory room. Drop down to the left and you will wind up on a moving conveyer belt. Head to the right and be attentive to avoid the giant presses that come crashing down or you will get smashed. There is also some hot carrot juice that comes out that will burn you if you get hit. After you avoid these challenges, leap up onto the platform and you’ll see a mechanical bunny ears hat just as the lady in the other room was wearing. Run to pick up it. These are drone ears only like the rest of the folks in here are wearing. Equip the bunny ears and then exit the room.

You’ll arrive back in the room that had the security robot and the trap door. Go back to the security door that is large. Now that you are wearing the ears, you will find a way to pass through.

The Villain Dr. Hare

When you enter the next room, you will see a guy in a pink bunny suit. It is Dr. Hare. Thinking you are one of his bunny ear wearing drones, the villain’ll give you commands to start the launch of his rocket. Leap up onto the rocket. There’ll be a platform on the right with an enormous computer on it and a man wearing the drone ears next to it. Speak to him and choose the alternative, “Look a giant bunny!” you will zoom in on his ears. Press the power button to turn them away. Then click on the computer and enter the password, which is fuzzybunny. Now the computer asks you to give it a command. The right command is “launch rabbot”. Make sure you spell it like that. It’s rabbot and not bunny. Rabbot is the name of the robot spaceship.

Next, the rocket will launch and you may control it using the computer. Your aim will be to crash the rocket into the asteroids which you see on the display. Crash it into four asteroids to destroy the spaceship and send Dr. Hare into the depths of space. You just stopped Dr. Hare’s bad scheme. Amazing job!

Next you will return to Main Street and everything has changed. The isle is full of colour and the citizens are happy and remedying the town. Walk to the left where you’ll locate the Mayor of 24 Carrot Island. The Mayor’ll hand you the medallion for finishing the isle and defeating Dr. Hare.

Early Poptropica Step By Step

Early Poptropica was the very first island to appear in Poptropica. On it, the isles earliest inhabitants ask you to help them locate three stolen things: a signal flag, a pail, and a pig.

First Quit: Main Street

When you climb down in the blimp, you will get on Main Street. Go inside the Pop-Art Museum to see art from famed artists and talk to the artists themselves. Meet other players inside both multi-player rooms: the Soda-Pop Shop and the Arcade.

You could start exploring by climbing up the Watertower. You Will see a flag there, but you won’t be capable to achieve it. You’ll also see an open manhole. If you need it’s possible for you to bound down now, but you might want to wait till you get your Glow-Stick. Getting backup isn’t so simple!

The Aged Part of Town

Go close to Main Street to get to Early Poptropica. The characters here seem like pilgrims, and the buildings look like old cabins. They will inform you about the things they’re lacking: One pilgrim is lacking a Pig, one is lacking a Pail, if you talk to these early inhabitants, and the third is missing a Signal Flag.

Remember that Glow-Stick we mentioned? You can locate it here if you clim down inside the properly and jump from platform to platform. Walk into the Glow-Stick to include it for your items.

Back to Main Street

Now that you have the Glow Stick, it is time to explore that manhole. Bound down to the underside. You could easily get knocked over by a spider, but that’s ok. Even if you drop all the way to the base, you will nevertheless land on your own feet. Afterward jump over the green spider and move right to find the prized porker. Touch the pig to include it for your items. You might be tempted to depart the manhole now, but there is more to be located down there. Get after dark green spider again and enter the tunnel in your left.

Your Glow-Stick will light the way through the tunnel. When you see a rope, climb up. Keep climbing till you find the Golden Egg. There are hints written on the partitions to let you know if you should be going in the correct direction. When you find the Golden Egg, contact it to include it for your things.

After you get the Egg, travel up to find a way out, and you will find yourself in front of Poptropica Towers.

Check Out Poptropica Towers

So now you’ve got the Pig, but you nevertheless need the Flag and the Bucket. You should begin investigating the city street lined with tall buildings, since you’re at Poptropica Towers. Leap to the ledge of the first building you see and head for the roof! Travel from roof-top to rooftop, bouncing off clotheslines to help you. Scale to the top, which looks like a roof-top restaurant, when you achieve the blue creating. Subsequently climb up the vine.

Land of the Purple Giant

Now you are in the clouds. Move right until you see an immense pair of purple feet. Click on them to communicate with the giant. He’ll take your Golden Egg as payment to enter his vegetable garden. You’ll find the bucket on the list of tremendous veggies.

Enter the Plane Graveyard

Keep moving right until you locate the Plane Graveyard. You can not use any of the planes here, but if you look carefully, you’ll find a Jet Pack. This really is only what you should get to large places–like the top of the Water Tower, where the Sign Flag expects you.

Get back to Main Street any manner you are able to. Afterward use the Jet Pack to fly to the leading of the Water Tower. To fly, shift your cursor until you see a green up-arrow. Click and hold to move up. Afterward move left or correct. When you reach the best of the tower, click on the Flag to add it for your things.

Make Your Deliveries

Now you’ve got the Pig, the Bucket, and the Flag. Head straight back to Early Poptropica. (you are able to fly if you need to, but you’ll need to walk between Main Street and Early Poptropica.)

Talk to each of the three pilgrims who were lost things. When you do, the things will be taken off your Stock and came back to their first owners. Once you reunite the Signal Flag, a ship will reach the dock. Speak with the person on the boat, and he’ll thank you using an Early Poptropica Medallion. Congratulations!