Some More Boom Beach Tips

Ah, Boom Beach. It’s still one of my favorite games to play. It’s from Supercell, the makers of Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and most recently, Clash Royale. Here are some great tips for doing really well in the game.

Plan Your Updates Several Moves Ahead

Beginning off with some resource tips, it’s imperative that you’ve got a long-lasting upgrade strategy when gathering resources and updating buildings in Boom Beach. It sounds evident, but the timers in the game have an inclination to create player scenarios where currency storage is maxed-out (which indicates you aren’t making any more) without anyplace to spend it.

Be Mindful of Resource Prerequisites

This goes in conjunction with the above tip regarding preparation upgrades. If you might have your eyes set on updating a specific building, make sure you actually have the capability to update. There’s nothing worse than gathering resources and realizing that you simply have not upgraded a warehouse enough to actually have enough stored resource for an update. Sounds dumb, but I’ve had that happen on occasion because I was more dedicated to the update and supposed that I had enough warehouse space for all the sources, which lead to me squandering time and effort on enhancing my storage buildings (and typically lead to scenarios of maxed-out resources).

Save Your Diamonds For Updates That Require New Resources

Boom Beach’s superior currency exists completely to velocity up timers; there aren’t any particular towers or builders that you can save your self up for. So, there is no demand to horde diamonds indiscriminately. Nonetheless, I’d propose that you simply save them for specific upgrades that are especially rough. By way of example, after you unlock the rock currency, your central offices will need one more upgrade in order to unlock the rock quarry (which makes rock). Nonetheless, rock which at this stage can simply be earned via isle raids is also required by that HQ update. If you don’t want to devote all your time raiding, this is 1 of those areas where I’d urge spending diamonds to pace up the process and unlock a dependable generator for that new currency.

Do Not Ignore Your Vault

Obviously, the key to success would be to eventually have your entire buildings upgraded, but I Would propose putting somewhat of a focus on keeping your vault upgraded.


Practice Good Timer Management

This is one of those typical tips for freemium games, but it certainly is worth repeating. Practice common sense timer management. If you are going to bed, update a building that’s a longer timer. To help you do multiple ones in one single day during the day, perform on the items with briefer upgrade times. The goal will be to minimize the chance of needing to waste diamonds only to pace up updates. Also, until you’re attempting to save upwards for something, strive to spend as much of your sources at night; it makes it less probably you brush up against a resource cap when you collect everything in the morning and makes you less of an inviting objective for nighttime raiders.

Make no blunder, the further you get in Boom Beach the better the impulse will be to get diamonds and the longer the timers are going to be regardless. Nonetheless, keeping the above principles in mind will should permit you to update your isle as economically as possible.

Author: petersenyxvb

I do stuff. More than anything, I play lots of mobile games.

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