Angry Birds Epic – A Short Review

Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds Epic is a free-to-play role-playing video game that’s the ninth installment in the Angry Birds set, developed by Chimera Entertainment and published by Rovio Entertainment. The game was soft established March 17 on the Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and Canada iTunes app stores, and was released globally on June 12, 2014.

Although the game has been around for two years, there’s been a renewed popularity for the game (and for all the Angry Birds games) with the recent release of the Angry Birds Movie. Last month, it became the number 1 movie in the United States and China.

Angry Birds Movie Poster

OK, onto the Angry Birds Epic game…

The storyline starts playing as Red, trying to regain the eggs that are stolen . As the player progresses, new birds are added to the roster, nonetheless generally only three can be used.

Angry Birds Epic is set with its characters securely nested.


Whenever a level is selected by a character, they are able to choose up to 3 birds, some levels just lets the player to choose 2 or 1 bird. After choosing the characters and tapping on the play button, there will be birds and pigs appearing on a landscape. Some conflicts may be ordinary, some in a wave kind, and others are boss fights. Into a pig, players just swipe from a bird, to strike. To use an ability that is secondary (mostly defense kinds), the player taps on the bird. But, if the player swipes a bird into another bird, one other bird will receives the secondary skill of the bird. Whenever a character (bird or pig) gets damage, the fury chili fill up slowly. It can be swiped by players to a bird to use their fury means, when full. To understand fad skill of a bird or pig, or the main, secondary, tap and hold players. But, players interact or can just attack whenever it’s his move. After completing a conflict, the players can earn up to three stars, that signifies how many resources that the players get when “Spinning” the wheel. When the player is not satisfied with the wages, they can re-spin for one essence of camaraderie.

Crafting System

Whenever the character is not in conflict, players can go to the bird’s nest by tapping the nest button at the lower-right corner of the screen. There, players can equip and craft off-hand things, weapons, and consumable things. These things are obtained from Snoutlings, a typical kind of currency, that are used used to buy patterns, categories (via hats) crafting materials and. These are earned by conquering pigs, opening damaging Wealthy Rogues, Treasure Chests and Golden Pigs, damaging enemies with Piggy McCool and completing daily dungeons. Sometimes the player gets Snoutlings as a consolation prize if the player loses a conflict. Whenever the player crafts or brews something, their quantity (Potions), damage (Weapons), or health increase (off-hand things) are altered by a random number, if the weapon would be a 3, 2, 1 or 0 stars, again can be re-rolled by Essence of Camaraderie. Lucky Coins, used to buy specific categories, spin the Golden Pig Machine, hire the Mighty Eagle, buy irreversible upgrades and emergency consumables in conflict and however, are rare. They are sometimes earned by defeating the Daily Golden Pig, leveling up or bought with actual money.

More Angry Birds Epic Things to Know

The game is a non stop procession of fights you pick from a map. You do all your shopping from a committed shop screen, and the nonsense narrative has something related to birds and pigs. And eggs.

The combat appears simple in the beginning. You can drag a bird onto a pig pat a bird to do a defensive move, to assault, or drag a bird onto an ally. Oh, and there’s a hot chilli pepper that activates a particular move.

But this setup that is straightforward and streamlined really hides a surprising number of depth.

A massive bestiary of distinct swine baddies to fight. Huge assaults can bill, throw up a smoke screen, target particular birds, resurrect fallen allies, or call more pigs onto the battlefield.

There are status effects, like sleep and toxin, you can craft new weapons and shields and use loot to brew potions, and the birds can jump between distinct groups (and change their move set) .

The constant battery of conflicts gets tiring, but the fights are entertaining and – more than most RPGs – juggling your small toolbox of strikes, spells, and things to overcome an enemy almost feels like solving a puzzle.

When you’re stuck with one or two birds while it can feel insistent and simple, things really open up when you’ve got a whole crew of avian warriors to choose from.

But all of that is, naturally, sabotaged by a persistent, nagging, and manipulative demand to spend money or watch video adverts.

You can pay for potions, watch an advert to boost your attack power, spend money to resurrect downed birds, and drop cash into a tombola to acquire mythical things.

When you craft, the base stats change on the outcome of a die roll of the thing. When you finish a level, a roulette wheel determines your loot. In both events, you can pay to re-roll or re-spin, adding a bit that is pernicious of chance and betting.

This boils down to one simple fact – you’re going to find the game much tougher, if you don’t pay up.

You will face a reasonable number of back tracking, enemies crafting items harder to come by, and will be harder to defeat. It will not be long before you’re blaming Rovio’s invisible hand for every passing.

But, for what it is worth, grinding has been a part of RPGs since the 8 -bit era. And I haven’t paid a cent (though I have viewed a few adverts), and I have found the challenge just right.

Angry Birds Epic is a surprise. It is cartoony, casual, and free-to-play, but unlike most games that meet that profile, Rovio’s RPG has depth, challenge, and tons of unique content.

Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy buffs will be infuriated by the dearth of quest and the never-ending IAPs, but when you need to try out this music genre and (crucially) you do not need to be responsible for the privilege, Angry Birds Epic offers up a pretty comprehensive intro to RPG principles.


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