Reality Tv Island Finally Arrives

The new Poptropica quest, Reality TV Island, was published. It is for members solely, so you will have to be a paid subscriber to play it which is really unfortunate. If you’re not a member you need to wait a whole month right up until March 24 to be able to enjoy it. I tested a fantastic Poptropica Reality TV Island walkthrough this afternoon and it seems to be super-cool. Reality TV island is quite different from all the other Poptropica islands.. It has two areas. The first part is like other quests and you must figure out how to get an application together so that you can star on the upcoming season of the reality TV show. After you solve it you get to be on the show. The reality TV show is a lot like the show Survivor where you first compete in an event. If you win, you get immunity but if you lose, you could be voted off the island and you’ll have to start all over. The quest is over if you beat all of the other contestants to win the show. A good thing about this island is that you can easily replay the season if you lose and there are tons of different events to play in so it’s different each time.

Author: petersenyxvb

I do stuff. More than anything, I play lots of mobile games.

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